A Photographer's Guide To Eastern Newfoundland by Tracy Munson

There is no place on earth quite like the ruggedly beautiful East Coast of Newfoundland. From the harsh and unforgiving climate to the warm and hospitable people, this region is not to be missed. If you, like so many, have visited Gros Morne and St. John's without exploring the Eastern shore of the province, then you'd better start planning your next trip there now.

The Mountainsmith Monopod/Hiking Pole by Tracy Munson

Ok, so it's not the most exciting piece of gear in my bag, but my recent travels have sold me on the importance of having a monopod handy at all times. I'm a month and a half into a pretty severe case of tennis elbow (or "telephoto elbow", as I prefer to call it). Here's a review I wrote last summer about the Mountainsmith Trekker Fx Monopod and Trekking Pole. I really had no idea at the time how much I would end up using it. Stop taking your elbows for granted!

Aquapac Underwater Camera Bag by Tracy Munson

It's a pretty big leap of faith to take your expensive camera equipment underwater, but it also has a pretty big payoff. I know I'm planning to spend a lot more time in the water with my camera next summer. Here's my review of the Aquapac Waterproof DSLR Case, a very affordable entry point into the world of underwater photography.

Gear For Road Tripping Photographers by Tracy Munson

Anyone who knows me knows that I live for a good road trip. I love the flexibility of being able to go where the wind takes me. After many years and many road trips, I've compiled my ultimate list of essential gear for roadtripping photographers. You'll stay safe, backed up and connected just about anywhere with these gear recommendations. 


It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, there are a few puffy white clouds in the sky...what better time to go out and take some photos, right? Not so fast, those sunny days with clear blue skies look great to our eyes, but the camera doesn't see things the same way. Harsh, unflattering shadows ruin portraits and landscape scenes tend to have blown out, over exposed skies and completely black shadow areas with none of the details your eyes can easily discern. If you've ever come home, disappointed with your bright, sunshiny day photos, then check out this article I wrote for photoblog.com.