Mountain Lion Stare Down


I was very fortunate to have to opportunity to photograph this beautiful cat at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre, which has since closed. I was part of a special workshop that actually got to enter the enclosures with several of the animals and take photos in a natural setting. The mountain lion was the only animal that we couldn't enter the enclosure with - the caretaker said that, if she wanted to, she could grab any one of us and carry us up a tree before they could stop her! This special girl has lived for over 10 years with a black bear. They ended up at the wildlife centre many years ago as cubs and both seemed lonely, so they put them together. They still play and sleep curled up together! Over the winter, they need to be separated because she will keep waking the bear up to play when he's supposed to be hibernating. The animals at the wildlife centre, many of whom are used in educational programs and movies have all been relocated since the centre closed.