I don't recall when or where I first learned about Lensbaby, but the Composer with the double glass optic was one of the first lenses I bought when I got my first DSLR. At the time, my basic photography skills really weren't up to the task of using a manual lens on an entry level body that didn't even meter with it on. That didn't stop me from wanting...ok, NEEDING the Edge 80 when it came out, and the Fisheye Optic, and the Soft Optic. I was hooked, but was never really happy with most of the results I was getting until I got my hands on the Velvet 56 last year. As much as I love that lens, It's been pushed aside in favour of the new game in town. The Lensbaby Twist 60 is my absolute favourite of their lenses yet, read the review I wrote for Improve Photography to see why.


I'm very excited to be writing bi-weekly articles for the popular Improve Photography website. I have learned so much from my many hours spent perusing this website,  reading Jim Harmer's ebooks, watching his tutorials and listening to all of the awesome podcasts he produces. I cannot recommend this website highly enough to anyone getting started in photography.

Here's my first article, a review of the Lensbaby Velvet 56, one of my favourite lenses.